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  • Chandrakala

    i need help on writting structural verilog code for 3-bit Linear Feed Back Shift Register using D-Flipflop. Any one please send me the code ..

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  • Masterpainer

    Can I ask, how I compile multiple files with icarus verilog?

    I have a file "test.v" , which have 2 includes :


    `include "in1.v"

    `include "in2.v"

    If I do "iverilog test.v", it throws the following message :

    "test.v:51: Include file in1.v not found No top level modules, and no -s option."

    I also tried "iverilog test.v ~/...absolute_path/in1.v ~/...absolute_path/in2.v" ,

    but it stills shows the same message,

    does anyone know what to do?

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